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“Unick Forex says it’s going to change your life but it’s all a lie,” says client who didn’t receive!

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Unick Forex customers have claimed incessantly the lack of transparency, attendance and, especially, the delay in payments. The official channel of the company on Youtube, for example, is configured not to receive comments.
“It’s funny you guys try to silence everyone for both Instagram and YouTube, no one can make comments anymore,” he blurts out an investor on Facebook earlier this week.
The same happened with a client of Unick Forex, from Barra Mansa, a municipality in Rio de Janeiro, and who is without receiving. She said she was ‘ mugged ‘ in a chat group organized by company leaders after claiming the lack of payment.
The investor, who spoke with the Bitcoin Portal but asked not to be identified, said that his first investment was with the purchase of a package of R $598. The return, he said, would be R $1,196 within six months.

When he realized that he already had R $400 reais of profit, he made the withdrawal. Thus, she gained confidence and bought three packages, needed to activate the binary.

That way, he managed to register his sister and some friends.

When it came time to ask for another withdrawal, your request was reversed. That’s when the problems started on the platform.

Unick’s Forex Bomb
“I couldn’t get the money. This update lasted for days and days. When the bomb came back, “he said in a phone conversation.

The ‘ bomb ‘ described by the customer refers to a statement made by the company two days after the deadline for the site to return to the air.

In it, the director spoke about new rules, which would no longer pay the 200% on the investment, limiting only to the invested capital and installment until the end of the year.

That is, they would only receive the amount applied without any correction or interest if they withdraw without reinvesting.

“What upset me most in the company is that it’s a lot of lies. The leadership minds a lot to be able to make the registrations, invent a lot of history for people to stay there, “he blurts.

Customer silted
The same client tells that when he began to realize that he would not receive it, he then started a series of complaints in a group on WhatsApp controlled by Unick Forex leaders.

“The leadership began to silence me. And then when they saw that I didn’t quit, they removed me from the group. ”

After that, her husband and also client got her back to the group, but the administrators configured the application so that only they could comment.

“Ordinary people, who have no network and who wanted to vent, could not,” he explained.

This client has requested the cancellation by Unick. He said he knows that with the new rules he won’t be able to enter the company for a year. To date, she only knows that the deadline for response is until August 30th.

“That’s a lot of promise. They mess with the psychological of people, who will change their lives, who will have knowledge. And it’s all lies, all deceit. There are people who have quit their jobs, sold cars, homes, so they can invest and have a quick return — because that’s what they promise, “he said.

Attendance Note Zero
Also by phone, a customer from Gravataí, a municipality in the Rio Grande do Sul, revealed to have obtained about R $8000 of profit in the business, after having invested R $3,496 in September of last year.

However, due to the reversal of withdrawals by Unick, he has R $1,800 locked on the platform.

“I have values to receive, I never invest anymore. A company without compromise like every pyramid. If I receive I will not invest, “he told the reporter.

He also told that he came to indicate the business to four people, but that the network did not extend. About the company’s customer service and support, he gave ‘ zero note ‘.

Unick says he doesn’t offer investment
In a video broadcast on Thursday (21) on the official channel of the company, Danter Silva, director of the Marketing Department of Unick, responded to complaints from people.

At one point the comment is being made by thousands of people: “I would like to be returned all the investment”.

I’m sorry, he said, but they explained to you our project in a completely wrong way. You don’t have an investment with us. You have purchased a product on the financial market, “he replied.

Danter denies all the initial promises of Unick Forex: “We have never been and will probably never be an investment-oriented platform.”

Unick Forex and CVM
Unick says he sells “content on the financial market.” In the words of Danter, the change of name of Unick Forex to Unick Academy was to make clear the area of business performance.

However, the company became suspected of acting as a financial pyramid, according to the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), which prohibited it from offering products in Brazil.

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