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Unick Forex used Santander, Itaú and Sicredi accounts to launder money


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A supposed orange by Leidimar Lopes called John Lenon used accounts at Santander, Itaú and Sicredi to launder money from Unick Forex. Owner of nine companies, one of which had his own father as an orange, Lenon was one of the brains for the new insurance business that Unick Forex tried to implement.

According to the interception made on June 14, 2019 by the Federal Police, to which the Bitcoin Portal had access, on Leidimar Lopes' cell phone, Lenon explained that he didn't say anything about bitcoin to banks. Instead, Lopes' supposed “orange” spoke of hospitality and business as a consultancy.

This coupled with suspicious notes meant that banks that had been attacking cryptocurrency brokers so much were used to launder part of Unick Forex money, as Lenon himself told Lopes:

“Yeah, I'm using Santander, Itaú and Sicredi a lot. Then, the staff sizzled a little until I started presenting the notes and talking a little about the hotel. They start to see that it is not multilevel, I never talk about bitcoin or anything, just about the ‘traditional’ consulting business, and of course, and there it is, very calm ”.

Unick Forex and the millionaire scheme

He said that even so he needed to have a certain waist and distribute the amount to each account:

“I pay a week for Santander, a week for Itaú, for Sicredi. Sicredi I use two cooperatives, I use the Parobé and Porto Alegre cooperatives. One week I pay for a cooperative, another week I pay for another. That are different banks, different places ”.

Van Gogh issued R $ 1.4 million in notes to Unick Forex. This, however, depended on good accounting planning:

“We have already declared 1,400 notes. The idea is to declare the notes to close the purchase of Gramado and the rooms, ”said Lenon.

Lopes' ally then stated that he had set up his own accounting team. Thus, it could make the trickery faster and easier, as stated in the investigation.

The rooms that Lenon referred to are the nine that were previously rented and were later purchased for R $ 500 thousand. The so-called "orange" mentioned that he would have to talk to Lopes about a renovation in these rooms that would work for the accounting, insurance and loan personnel who would end up using these rooms.

Unick Forex with days numbered

He said that he had money spinning, but not invested and that in total it should be around R $ 700 thousand. According to Lenon, R $ 240 thousand from Leidimar Lopes and almost R $ 500 thousand from the people he “took”, but who would not like to de-capitalize that money for the renovation of the rooms.

The Gramado land, on the other hand, would be a future guarantee for business. Lenon would have made three budgets to clean the land and would like to pass the figures on to the president of Unick Forex.

Lopes said that if they are structured well, finishing the allotment and “buying the land next door”, leaving everything ready, they would have between R $ 150 and R $ 200 million in guarantee.

In an excerpt from the conversation, the president of Unick Forex did not seem to trust Lusvarghi so much and planned to leave the bomb in his hands, who was the legal director of his company.

He said he would stop and pay no one. People, according to Lopes, would have to run after Lusvarghi and his company SA Capital, for which he claimed to have paid R $ 4 billion in land.

"I'm not going to return money to anyone because I have 4 bi there that I paid there for SA (Capital) on the ground, and go there and charge him, because this is the contract".

Lopes even considered “placing” a binary option. Even though he knew the risk of Unick going down shortly after that, Lopes knew it would attract a lot of customers. Lenon then mentioned that the business was to have a good structure with several companies.

From Unick Forex to Van Gogh

Unick was just a pilot plan for something that would be bigger and without the same mistakes made in the company that used cryptocurrencies to scam small investors.

Lopes had even set up an office in London (England) and advised Lenon to open a company abroad so that in case anything happens, the goods are in the name of that company outside Brazil. The office in England cost the president of Unick Forex R $ 50 million.

Even then, however, the president of Unick made it clear that his business was Van Gogh and that it did not feel right to anchor the new business with Unick money. Graduated in Law, John Lenon used his knowledge to set up an entire apparently legal structure.

He then instituted eight different companies, in addition to Van Gogh, each taking care of one thing.

“I made a CNPJ for the hotels and inns. And for part of the loans, I created the one for the individual banker, then I ended up buying the loan franchise, I made a second CNPJ for the financial com, with authorization ”.

Even without being a lawyer, as he did not have an OAB portfolio at that time, Lenon was already making contracts for companies. He, however, could not constitute them on his own because the figure of a lawyer was necessary for this, something until Lopes lamented in the middle of the conversation of more than an hour.

Plans with no future

Lenon raised the idea of ​​selling insurance, but mentioned that SUSEP (Superintendence of Private Insurance) has several barriers and the ideal would be to have many CNPJs. He and Lopes then planned to use institutions like Bradesco and Banco do Brasil. The conversation about this, however, was not very clear.

But, as far as the audios described by the PF are concerned, they were looking for an alternative way out of something big with a legal appearance and the architect of all this was Lenon, who said:

“For part of the loans, I created that of the individual banker, then I ended up buying the loan franchise, I did a second CNPJ for the financial company with authorization. And then it went to accounting, it was also a support service for the separate office ”.

Before this came to fruition, however, the two planned to work with Forex and binary options. For binary option, the risk was very high according to Lopes because it would fall quickly. However, for the Forex suggested by Lenon he already had even money changer contact in Europe and planning to defraud the tax authorities.

Lenon mentioned that there was a former football player interested in participating in the scheme. The identity of this former athlete, however, was not revealed in the conversation. Lenon only stated that he was an “entrepreneur of the boys from Grêmio and Inter who go to Europe”.

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