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Urpay customer data is sold on the internet and exposes Unick victims


The life of an Urpay client with money stuck on Unick Forex just got worse. According to the Tecmundo website, which was based on a report by ITALTEL Digital Security, the documents of more than 500 thousand people accounts in the company's means of payment were sold in an online store.

Information such as selfies, photos of CPF documents, address, RG, date of birth, among others, were made available, according to the report, for R $ 20 and R $ 40 each data. The possibility is that whoever sold the information has invoiced around R $ 2 million.

The information comes at a time when Urpay is increasingly leaving the scene. After selling a portfolio of two million customers to Suit bank S / A, the payment solution company Urpay, which was used by Unick Forex, deactivated its application, social networks and removed the registration service from its website. new clients. This fact made it clear that the company had ended its activities.

According to José André Costa, Ceo of Urpay, however, this does not mean that the company ceased to exist and that social networks were disabled after the sale of customer portfolios to Suit Bank.

He explained to the Bitcoin Portal that Urpay just changed the segment of its business. The company would then have ceased to serve the retail market, as this would have been established in a contract with Suit Bank.

"With the sale of the customer portfolio, it was established in a contract that Urpay could no longer serve the same niche markets as the company acquiring that portfolio."

Due to this fact, mentioned Costa, “the application was removed from the Google store”. Regarding the problems involving accounts that were not available at Suit Bank after the sale of the portfolio, the businessman said, therefore, that this was because they would be pending.

He mentioned that for the account to be accessible at Suit Bank, the “pending must be resolved will have to resolve the pending issues with Urpay beforehand. These problems, according to Costa, may be related to account fraud or the existence of "some lawsuit or judicial blockade".

Urpay and Unick Forex

Costa mentioned that the sale of the portfolio and the withdrawal of Urpay's operations from the payments solution sector to retail has nothing to do with the Unick Forex scandal. He said, then, that the link between the two companies was to provide payment solution platform services for "only" five months.

"Unick used Urpay's service for only five months and from there they take almost 4 years from the company, more than two million customers and ignore it", exposed the dissatisfaction in the face of the news that links the two companies.

He stated that in addition to Urpay, Unick Forex used about six payment platforms and a cryptocurrency broker. Costa, however, did not mention the names of any of these companies.

Causes in Justice

The fact, however, is that although the Urpay CEO seeks to remove the image of the Unick Forex payment solution company, which has been investigated for cryptocurrency fraud, there are several actions brought by investors against the two companies.

Until November of last year, Urpay, one of the responsible for the payment of Unick Forex clients, became part of 51.16% of the lawsuits filed in the São Paulo Judiciary against the company suspected of a financial pyramid with cryptocurrencies. Of the 129 investor actions against Unick Forex that are being processed in São Paulo, 66 also bring Urpay as a defendant.

In one of these cases, Judge Bianca Ruffolo Chojniak of the 6th Vara Cível de Santo André, after verifying that the amounts invested in Unick were credited to Urpay, also decided to hold the payments company responsible for losses suffered by investors. The decision is a preliminary injunction and Urpay's manifestation in the process is also up for grabs.

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