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US Department of Defense to Adopt Blockchain Technology


The Department of Defense (DoD) in the USA is looking to modernise its digital defense system, as outlined in a recent report.

They plan on incorporating blockchain technology in a number of aspects to improve and assure the security of their data.

Blockchain technology has, in part, been so successful due to its decentralised nature which protects it from information hacks and third-party control, keeping the data stored in a blockchain completely immutable, protected and impervious to external attacks. It thus makes sense that the department responsible for handling extremely sensitive data will be employing blockchain technology.

The report, titled “Digital Monetisation Strategy”, also mentioned the integration of a range of modern technology such as quantum computing, artificial intelligence and cloud storage to improve control and communication of national data.

They explain that by integrating blockchain protocol into their systems, they can improve intra and interdepartmental communication by transmitting secure messages and processing transactions that can be traced through numerous channels of a decentralised ledger. They also plan on using this technology to communicate to and from the Pentagon, their headquarters.

Interestingly, they are also trying to develop an unhackable code, facilitated through a blockchain, subverting hackers who try to break into secure databases.

The US government has been grappling with the implications of blockchain technology on finance and cryptocurrency recently, especially since Facebook announced its plans to launch its cryptocurrency, Libra, earlier last month. Nonetheless, it seems that they are open to utilising the advantages provided by blockchain technology in other fields.


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