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US Pentagon to modernize existing systems with blockchain technology

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Already seems also focused on Pentagon blockchain technology that is expected in impossibility achieve efficiency and data tampering presence system.

The materials released on the 12th of this month revealed that the Pentagon research department is working on a blockchain-related project with an emphasis on cybersecurity. 

“If you’re a company, you’ll stand at the top of the Fortune 100,” said the Pentagon, “more secure, geared, smoother, to counter the threat of cyber attacks. It aims to achieve a transparent, cost-effective IT structure.

Such a Department of Defense research unit, DARPA, is a part of digital modernization strategy that includes cloud, IoT, quantum computing technology and various other latest technologies and blockchain technology that can be a ‘cybersecurity paradigm shift’. It looks like you are exploring the potential.

Specifically, they are looking at protocols that can send messages securely from anywhere and track transactions through multiple distributed ledger channels.

According to Deloitte’s latest survey, although the blockchain is particularly noted for cost reduction, the Pentagon seems to have found potential in the three features of the technology.

First, DARPA pointed out that the blockchain is “trustless” and said it would prevent insiders and outsiders from violating the network.

Second, according to DARPA, the highly transparent & secure blockchain claims that it is very difficult to falsify the data because it relies on the encrypted data structure instead of a secret that is prone to failure.

Finally, blockchains, where honest node motives are coordinated to prevent node cheating, can not only reduce the likelihood of the network going down but to achieve that It imposes very high costs, “concludes DARPA.


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