Varun Dhawan donates 5 Lakhs to help injured Hip Hop dancer Ishaan get treatment!!

Varun Dhawan has helped with Rs 5 lakhs for the treatment of Hip Hop Dancer Ishaan. Varun appeared on the Instagram, sharing a post of Kartik King, through which the appeal was sought to help the dancer.

Who Is Ishaan, How did It Happen?

The person shown in the photo is a dancer in Muradabad in Uttar Pradesh. Who was injured while practicing dance. Ishaan was flipping the double front and the balance got hurt in his neck when the balance fell.

Campaign running on social media!

To help Ishan, many industry dancers have launched a campaign to raise funds through their social media accounts. Varun offered the help to Ishaan by sending a message to Karthik by looking at this post.

Varun has shared the screen shot of the message. Varun is asking, ‘Who is this boy and how can I help him, please tell me.’ The post was shared on his Instagram account, Paritosh told that Varun gave 5 lakh rupees for the treatment of Ishaan.

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