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Virat Kohli not against IPL-style playoffs in World Cup

  • India wins 7 wins in 8 league matches, defeats New Zealand in semi-finals
  • In the IPL, the top-ranked team in the points table gets two chances to reach the finals
  • Kohli said on the World Cup – what kind of performance have you performed in this format, it does not matter

Manchester After the defeat to New Zealand in the semifinals on the Old Trafford Ground, India captain Virat Kohli endorsed the playoff format of the IPL. However, he did not even sidelined the World Cup semi-final format. He said that the semi-finals have their own charm and challenges.

In the World Cup League Round, Team India won 7 out of 8 matches and was at the top of the point table. However, the Indian team lost to New Zealand in the semi-finals.

Things like playoff should be considered – Kohli

  1. After the match, Kohli was asked to apply the playoff format on the lines of the IPL in the World Cup. In this format, the team on top of the points table has two chances to get to the final. Kohli said – Who knows, maybe it will also apply in the future.
  2. He said – If staying at the top in the table means something, then I think that such things should be considered. Especially considering the importance of tournaments like World Cup
  3. The Indian captain told the journalist who asked the question: “Your point is reasonable. But you do not know when it will be implemented.
  4. He said, “But, I feel that there is a different challenge and fun here, here you have to be sure, it does not matter what you have done before. The new day is a new beginning. If you can not do much better on this day, then you have to go back home. ‘
  5. “As I said you have to accept it, this is a different challenge for every team, you have to perform best on that day, and who does this, you get the result as it is today (semi-final You have seen). ‘
  6. Kohli tweeted on Thursday, “First of all, I want to thank all my fans who came in large numbers to support the team. You made this a memorable tournament for all of us and we certainly felt this love on the team. We are all disappointed. You and our emotions are the same. We did whatever we had. Jai Hind.’

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