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Waiting for release 4 employees, including 3 turtles, deputy ranger, kept in tank for 4 years, 24 hours monitoring


  • Four Turtles were recovered from Basantpur Police by 6 accused in 2015, one of them died
  • The accused got bail from the court, but the trial continues, so they kept them as evidence
  • The responsibility of their care is with the forest department, the officers arrange their granary.

Rajnandgaon (Mohan Kuldeep). Due to the long dates and muscle of the court, you have seen people waiting for a judgment for years. But this is happening with three turtles. They are living in a tank waiting for the last four years to be free. In the forest depot of Rajnandgaon, the responsibility of caring for them has been given to 4 employees of the forest department including a deputy ranger. They monitor these turtles for 24 hours.

Tantra was in use to use them

  1. Actually, these turtles were recovered from Basantpur Police by 6 accused in 2015. They used to use them for the system-mantra. The police arrested the Red Dal and all the six accused, along with them as evidence of these 4 turtles were also kept in a tank.

  2. In this case the accused got bail from the court, but the trial continues. Forest department officials say that these tortoises may sometimes have to be presented as evidence in the court. Because of this, they are being looked after.

  3. The police handed the turtles to the forest department but did not arrange their grain and water. Due to lack of special funds, the officers of the Forest Department are spending money on their pockets and arranging potholes daily for them. Ranger KK Verma said that turtles are under the supervision of forest department, so they manage their own food. Tank water is changed every day so that smell does not occur.

    • Actually, the police had recovered four turtles from the accused. One of these died in six months. For this purpose, the Forest Department had made a post-mortem so that there could be a dispute or objection to tell the cause of death. Officials say that since the time the police handed it, there was a scar on the tortoise’s body. Now the challenge of three turtles is to challenge the forest administration.
    • The tribunal trial in the court is still going on. However, till now these turtles have not been introduced to the court, but considering the possibility of appearing on the order of the court, they have not yet been left.
  4. Order not found yet

    • Advocate HB Ghazi says that in such cases whatever wild animals are recovered from the possession of the accused, they are under the rule. Whether the forest department can leave wildlife in the protected area.
    • TI Basantpur police station, Rajesh Sahu, points out that the accused who were arrested in the case have been released on bail. There is no information regarding turtles. Due to wildlife, the forest department was entrusted.
    • According to DFO Pankaj Rajput, the tortoises were not released due to the case in the court. There was no correspondence with the court regarding the release of the turtle, and no order has been received regarding this.

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