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The very successful ‘Housefull’ franchise is back for a fourth instalment, and this time, instead of taking the story forward, it takes it back, 600 years back. ‘Housefull 4’ features the incomplete love stories of three couples from back in 1419. Six centuries later, the lovebirds are reincarnated.

With one minor twist: The couples are all mixed up. Can they discover this comedy of errors in time to ensure nobody ends up with a brother-in-law from the past life? Bala (Kumar) plays a hairdresser from London who keeps getting f lashes from his past life. He, along with his brothers Roy (Deshmukh) and Max (Deol), have stumbled upon the bright idea of marrying the three daughters of a billionaire, which would help them pay off a mafia don whose loot money they misplaced.However, Bala realises the pairings are all wrong, and tries to convince his brothers that they must be set right. This ensures plenty of hilarity, dozens of mindless characters, and confusion galore.

Several of the jokes feel dated (no pun intended), not to mention crude and low-brow. Of the cast, Kumar’s character is the most fleshed out, gets all the best lines, and shoulders the film almost on his own.

Deshmukh gets to be his quirky self and also pulls in several laughs, but most of the supporting cast, as also the leading ladies, are just reduced to pointless cardboard additions to the film.

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