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Wealth secrets sold by youtubers are unreal for a real trader


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List of the richest investors in the world

Warren Buffett, Jim Simmons, Ray Dalio, Carl Icahn, Abigail Johnson and David Shaw. These are some of the billionaire managers behind the performance of the best investment funds for two or more decades.

Do you know what these beasts have in common? All of them live mostly from the return on their investments.

Most successful Youtubers in Brazil

Natália Acuri (Me Poupe), Thiago Nigro (Primo Rico), Ramiro Ferreira (Clube do Valor), Gustavo Cerbasi and Mirna Borges (Economirna).

Do you know what they have in common? Everyone lives off selling courses, books, lectures, sponsorships and the like.

Is teaching a bad business?

Don't get me wrong, I heard that Natália not only owns one of the largest channels in the world, has a staff of 30 people, and revenue that exceeds R $ 10 million annually. These people know how to make money … a lot!

It is likely that Natália has the ability to make a video or course much better than me. After all, she has a team capable of doing the necessary research, as well as resources to hire consultants.

Who is Marcel to criticize them?

The purpose of this text is not to criticize the business model, nor to state that any of these youtubers do not have knowledge of the market or finance. I swear, I saw three or four videos of these guys at most.

My point is that those wealth secrets that try to sell you are unreal. These investors I mentioned above, without exception, spent decades managing third party assets, reading reports, debating with analysts, making bets that went wrong, learning and improving over time.

But so-and-so said it worked for him

I bet this youtuber says that "there is no magic formula", that all wealth is based on "effort and controlled risk", in addition to several other self-help phrases. If that is your goal, there are millions of authors in this field. I will not question whether this has an effect or not.

The fact is that if that youtuber, podcaster or owner of a group of signals, knew a way to “beat the market”, read, obtain in the medium and long term a substantial return above inflation, he would take all his assets, leverage, and do such operations.

Anyway, the guy may have made a lot of money in the past, and maybe he can even prove it. Now, if he’s that good, why does he live off selling courses? I answer: because he knows that a consistent return above inflation is not viable.

Remember: this million dollar investment portfolio that they show in the videos is the * monthly * income that these guys make selling dream.

About the author

Marcel Pechman served as a trader for 18 years at UBS, Deutsche and Safra. Since May 2017, he has been doing arbitrage and trading in cryptocurrencies.

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