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“Welcome to the 3D virtual world (Metaverse)” CryptoPunks development company releases new NFT project Meebits


3D character NFT “Meebits”

Larva Labs, the developer of the popular NFT (Non-Fungible Token) CryptoPunks, has released a new NFT project, “Meebits”.

NFT is a digital asset in which each token has its own value, and has been released and distributed in various forms such as works of art, collection cards for athletes, and in-game items. CryptoPunks is a collectible game that uses algorithmically generated 24×24 pixel art images and the Ethereum blockchain.

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According to the official tweet, Meebits is a unique combination of 20,000 points shaped by 3D voxels (a coined word that combines pixels and volume. Pixels are used for 2D drawing, whereas cubes are used for 3D drawing). The characters.

It will be provided free of charge to owners of CryptoPunks and Autoglyphs, NFTs released by Larva Labs in the past. This time, 9,000 digital assets (NFT) were pre-sold.

According to the tweet, the official sale will be sold out immediately. Currently, it is being secondarily distributed and traded in the marketplace. Free distribution to CryptoPunks and Autoglyphs owners will be accepted until the end of this week.

Prices on the marketplace vary widely from individual to individual, with some buyers wishing to exchange for 0.15 ETH (about 40,000 yen) and others sold for 99 ETH (about 35 million yen).

It is also possible to give movement to the character

Meebits is built on the Ethereum standard “ERC721” standard. Each is composed of various combinations of hairstyles, fashion, faces, etc., and some rare characters have unusual patterns.

Each Meebits also comes with an additional “asset pack”. The pack also contains objects that allow the character to perform actions such as dancing. It can also be used with other standard 3D modeling and animation production software. Owners will be able to use Meebits as an avatar in games and virtual worlds as long as they support this modeling.

Exchange between Meebits

Meebits owners can also exchange it for Meebits owned by others on the Marketplace. The development team commented on the official website as follows.

The experience of exchanging Meebits for Meebits is a lot of fun and will remind you of the collections you collected as a kid.

We are in the process of further exploring new markets for NFTs and will add new features and analytical tools to make trading more convenient in the coming weeks.

CryptoPunks, released by Larva Labs in 2017, was initially distributed free of charge, but is now of rare value and is heavily traded in the secondary market. In March, digital assets sold for 4,200 Ethereum (more than 800 million yen at that time) appeared, which became a big topic.


Author: A. Yamada
Reference: Larva Labs

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“Cryptocurrency” means “cryptographic assets”

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