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Whales Manage Most of Bitcoins in Circulation!

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Bitcoin according to a new study conducted with a major portion of the total wealth in the network in case of Bitcoin wallet only distributed to a group.

According to data collected by PARISQ of Bitcoin currently, total wealth 50’llik so a portion of the total portfolio addresses only so 0.023’lük part, ie a total of 800 thousand units wallet scattered cases. Similarly, 50.1 percent of the total wealth in the world is thought to belong to 1 percent of the world’s population.

Most Minorities
This new research by PARISQ shows that 50% of the currently circulating Bitcoins are managed by only 1,805 addresses.

When we look at the five largest cryptocurrencies in terms of market value, not only looking at Bitcoin, we see that only 6,500 wallets have a huge say in the management of these cryptocurrencies. PARISQ Andre Kalinowski founder, commented on the subject is doing :

“Crypto coins are designed to escape the manipulation of the state, the central authorities, and lay the foundations of a more egalitarian society. But these studies show that crypto money is managed only by a group of early investors and whales. ”

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