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What was the role of Sanjay Gandhi behind the ban on Kishore Kumar's voice?


Many stories of Sanjay Gandhi , who lost his life on June 23, 1980, in a plane crash, were only famous for 34 years. Always stuck in the controversy about the sterilization program, Sanjay, who was termed as the ‘impotent prince’, was often accused of using the intention of his mother, the power of the post of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. One such story is related to the ban of Bollywood’s famous singer and artist Kishore Kumar. Let’s know how Kishore Kumar’s voice was banned and how Sanjay Gandhi was involved in this whole episode. In the end, the then Congress government was in crisis due to opposition protests across the country. In order to crush opponents, in 1975, Indira Gandhi declared an Emergency in the country and many constitutional rights of media, artists and opposition leaders were snatched away. The Congress had to pay the cost of the emergency later, but during this time many artists of the country had to face the crisis. Reply to important information, information and interesting questions and click for the news. It was huge to deny Kishore Kumar during the Emergency, when Information and Broadcasting Minister was special to Sanjay Gandhi and Vidyacharan Shukla, who was told to write the right hand. At that time Indira Gandhi Government had made a 20-point program, which was to be propagated. Among the Bollywood artists who were to be co-opted for the promotion of this program on TV, Doordarshan and Radio, Kishore Kumar was also involved.

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Lo kapi singer and artist Kishore Kumar File photo

The popularity of Kishore Kumar’s voice is well-known. The then joint secretary of the ministry, CB Jain, contacted Kishore Kumar and sent a message that the government expects the teenager to cooperate with his voice for the promotion of his program. But Kishore Kumar refused. Describing the reasons related to health, Kishore did not propagate the government. Kishore Kumar’s reaction to this reaction was made in Jain by stern words to his boss i.e. Secretary SMH Bernie. Bernie interacted with the minister Shukla and finally the result was that Shukla’s order was ordered to not broadcast on Kishore Kumar’s songs All India Radio and Doordarshan. Also, the broadcast of the films in which Kishore Kumar was seen as an actor was also banned. Not only this, but the sale of Gramophone Records of Kishore Kumar’s songs has also been banned. What was the role of Sanjay Gandhi? What was the role of Sanjay Gandhi behind such a strict ban on Kishore Kumar? The first thing was that this decision was considered as Shukla’s order and Shukla could not take such a big step in the direction of Sanjay. Secondly, Sanjay Gandhi was behind this decision because Sanjay did this action in order to equalize his account. From May 4, 1976 to the Emergency, the main reason behind this ban was that Kishore Kumar was the Congress behind the ban A rally Sanjay Gandhi wanted Kishore Kumar to perform at that rally. But, Kishore Kumar had refused. Sanjay was very angry with Kishore Kumar’s refusal. Due to denial of the party’s program, he could not take drastic action, so that the entire episode of the allegation of opposing the government was created and Kishore Kumar was taught to teach a lesson. To prevent Rafi’s arbitration, to stop the anger of Sanjay Gandhi and to stop the tough action being taken against Kishore Kumar, famous singer Mohammad Rafi tried to avoid these situations by making a special meeting with Sanjay Gandhi. Rafi’s attempt to persuade Sanjay Gandhi was proved futile because Sanjay was not in the mood to entertain anyone in front of his anger.

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It is said that Sanjay Gandhi was the successor of Indira Gandhi’s political heir, if there were no victims of the accident. Sanjay Gandhi with his mother, former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, File photo

It is also notable that after the end of the Emergency in 1977 and the end of the Congress rule, the Shah Commission, which was created to report the power during the Emergency of the Janata Party Government in its report, filed a complaint about Kishore Kumar episode that the notice Kishore Kumar had poor health behind the refusal of the Ministry of Broadcasting and secondly, that Kishore Kumar did not want to sing for radio and TV Area. And the film that had sent Sanjay to jail Media and artists is an anecdote and anecdote of Sanjay Gandhi’s confession. Janata Party MP Amrit Nahata made a film by Kissa’s chair. Without naming this film, there was a sharp apology for the policies of Sanjay Gandhi and the Indira Gandhi government. This film was also banned during the Emergency. Later, Shah Commission’s report confirmed that the censor board had taken all the film’s print and burnt them in a factory in Gurgaon by Sanjay Gandhi and V.C. Shukla.Court had convicted Sanjay and Shukla while deciding the case. And both of them had been sentenced to jail for more than two years. Sanjay went to jail but later this decision was overturned. In addition, during the Emergency Gulzar-directed film storm and popular film Sholay also had to face the anger of the government. Read also:

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