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What’s next for DASH following A1 Telekom partnership? Dash Taxi founder weighs in on development


In association with Salamantex, Dash and A1 Telekom had partnered up. This company has over 5.4 million mobile lines in Austria. Thus, adoption for DASH is expected to soar in Vienna, Krems and various other areas. The contest involving VegaWallet was carried out this Friday; where a giveaway of $25 [in the form of DASH tokens was announced].

A few days ago, Joël Valenzuela [of Dash News] interviewed Steve Capone who is the Chief Marketing Officer for the Voyager app. Steve enunciated the difference between exchanges and brokerage networks. Capone also spoke on how Voyager is actively working towards making trading [beyond 1 exchange] a simpler process. The “Proof-of-Keys” venture of Voyager was one of the final topics of discussion, along with the Dash Evolution occurring across the globe.

Even though Dash has incredible potential, maximalists continue to frown upon Digital Cash as a mode of payment. Venezuela now has over 10,000 active wallets tied to DASH transactions. This proves the strength of this currency in today’s digital age.

Dash Podcast Ep 118 has been released. In this edition, we can see Joël as well as Mark Mason interact with Maciej Krasowski. The latter is the founder and current Managing Director of DASH Taxi. You can watch the full video right here:

Dash is ranked at #15, above Ethereum Classic and Tezos in the market. The price jumped up by 1.04% in the course of the past 24-hours. The trading volume recorded is $145.689 million, whereas the supply has 8,998,061 DASH coins in play. At present, the total market cap of Dash is $832.856 million. As of this moment, DASH is priced at $92.56.

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