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When Armstrong's surgery was questioned, the hospital had lost Rs 41 crore due to fear of defamation. Had settled in


  • According to the New York Times report – on the death of Armstrong, his sons had accused the hospital of doing false surgery
  • Both Armstrong’s sons Mark and Rick had filed a case on the hospital

Washington. The death of Astronaut Neil Armstrong, who took the first step on the moon, has been more than 7 years. However, now a big disclosure has happened in the case of his death. According to reports, two years before Armstrong’s death, his family received 60 million dollars (about 41 million rupees) from the hospital that was undergoing surgery. It has been claimed that the Armstrong family accused the hospital of doing false surgery. After this the hospital gave the damages to Armstrong’s sons without any evidence of fear of spoiling the name.

The family had said – Death due to complexity in the cardiovascular process

Armstrong, who took the first step on the moon under the Apollo mission in 1969, died on 25 August 2012. Two weeks earlier, his bypass surgery was done at Cincinnati’s Mercy Health Fairfield Hospital. After the death, his family announced that Armstrong was killed due to complications in cardiovascular procedures (cardiac procedure). According to the New York Times report, during this period, Neil’s two sons Mark and Rick Armstrong had accused the hospital that due to some complications after surgery, his father died. Both filed a case against the hospital administration.

Claims in documents – condition of deterioration of nurse defaced by Armstrong

Times have claimed that he found documents of 93 pages filed in court from an unknown source. There are also discussions between Armstrong’s family and hospital administration. It has been said in one place that Armstrong’s condition had worsened on August 7, 2012. After this the doctors had to undergo their emergency cardiac bypass surgery. Under the standard procedure, doctors had installed temporary wire to increase their beats, but due to a nurse accident, the wire was removed from their place and after Armstrong’s blood pressure decreased it died due to internal bleeding.

According to the documents, after this, the doctors took decisions in the funeral and delayed taking Armstrong to Operation Theater. Neil Armstrong’s wife, Vendy, had emailed to the hospital that on the 45th anniversary of her son Apollo Mission, she would disclose the bad medical arrangements. It has also been said in the document that Armstrong’s lawyers counsel also interfered in this matter and said that no institution would want to see their name associated with the death of an ‘American hero’.

Hospital has done the fear of defamation.

According to the report, Mercy Hospital rejected the claims of the Armstrong family, which stated that its arrangements were not good. Despite this, the hospital had asked to give the family $ 60 million as settlement to settle the case so that the matter did not come out publicly and did not affect the hospital’s image.

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