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Where are the main opportunities to work with Blockchain


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While it still takes a long time to have widespread adoption of blockchain technology in society, different sectors, including finance, manufacturing and healthcare, are investing in developing the technology's potential.

The purpose of this investment in blockchain research is to create solutions to challenges that have long limited or hindered businesses, such as high operating expenses, low transaction speeds and unsafe data management.

The continued growth of the blockchain sector has resulted in the emergence of new career opportunities. With that in mind, let's explore some sources of job opportunities in the blockchain industry.

Where are Blockchain's career opportunities?

The blockchain and cryptocurrency job market is headed by four important sectors. Are they:

  1. Technology companies

Should blockchain technology achieve mass adoption, technology companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Google will be forced to adapt as their success is associated with the centralized services they offer.

It is important to note that technology companies have recognized the potential of blockchain technology and the need for adaptation.

Consequently, most technology companies are already investing in projects in order to find uses of blockchain for the benefit of their own business.

An example of this type of project is Hyperledger, which focuses on providing companies with the necessary tools to facilitate the implementation of blockchain technology.

  1. Startups

To date, there are more than 1500 blockchain and cryptocurrency startups registered in the U.S., which together have raised more than $ 3.7 billion from their initial coin offerings (ICO) alone.

Basically the startups in this sector are launched by cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts who are convinced of the potential that this technology has and choose to invest early.

Startups in this sector can also be suppliers of wallets, news sites and educational platforms, which were created to drive other blockchain projects.

Although most jobs created by startups did not offer salaries in the beginning, many are currently offering very attractive compensation packages.

  1. Legacies

Legacies, or Legacies in Portuguese, is a term that refers to large corporations, such as banks, accounting firms and law firms, which have been in operation for many years.

Although these companies despised Bitcoin and blockchain technology when they were first introduced, they are now beginning to recognize their transformational potential.

As these companies are highly profitable and enjoy market dominance in their respective sectors, they are assembling teams of blockchain experts to create blockchain-based solutions for their business.

  1. Governments

The potential for cost savings that blockchain technology offers is great. Consequently, several governments are hiring blockchain consultants to advise them on how this technology can be integrated into the performance and provision of state services.

What are the career opportunities in Blockchain technology?

With the aforementioned institutions creating new blockchain job opportunities every day, professionals trained to fill vacancies include:

  • Blockchain developers
  • Blockchain project managers
  • Basic and internship professionals
  • Blockchain web designers
  • Blockchain engineers
  • Blockchain legal advisors
  • Non-technical professionals
  1. Blockchain developers

This is one of the most profitable opportunities for professionals with knowledge in coding.

The market is wide and several sectors (such as financial service providers, governments, technology companies) have research and development in blockchain technology in order to find solutions to existing challenges.

  1. Blockchain project managers

Needless to say, startups and companies in this sector are interested in creating blockchain solutions. This means that they will need to communicate their needs to blockchain development companies.

This requirement requires a project manager who specializes in managing and facilitating the projects in question and this demand will increase as companies get more customers.

Project managers are responsible for facilitating communication between key stakeholders while carrying out a project.

For example, business owners need their needs to be translated into technical language, while the needs of blockchain developers need to be translated into a more accessible language. This is where project managers come in.

  1. Basic and internship professionals

At the internship level, the professional is required to design and develop distributed records in blockchain using open source and blockchain-owned platforms, such as Linux.

Basic level professionals in this sector are required to develop blockchain pilots and proofs of concept.

  1. Blockchain web designers

Startups and companies in this sector will require designers to be able to create websites that provide customers with information about their products or services within the blockchain itself.

Therefore, the blockchain web designer represents another career that can gain ground as this technology develops.

  1. Blockchain Engineers

The mass adoption of blockchain will require professionals whose roles include the development and application of digital solutions for companies using this technology.

Essentially, engineers should explore their corporation's blockchain technology requirements and create applications that meet those requirements.

  1. Blockchain legal advisors

This career opportunity consists of providing legal advice on how to organize and control your ICOs, some of which are now under increasing supervision and regulation.

In addition, blockchain legal advisors are expected to be able to draft legitimate commitments and contracts, as this technology provides a business process automation tool known as smart contracts.

  1. Non-technical professionals

It is important to note that the development of the blockchain industry requires more than technical support. Like any other industry, blockchain projects require accountants, lawyers, public relations, marketing professionals, among others.

Growth areas

With the expectation that the blockchain industry will continue to grow, some of the new functions that may be needed in the future include:

  • Media: The goal of blockchain inventors is the widespread adoption of this technology. For this reason, agencies, public relations firms and media focused on blockchain are expected to emerge in the coming years.
  • Development of dApps: The success of blockchain technology is linked to the development of decentralized applications of wide utility. Consequently, the demand for software designers for the development of dApps will continue to increase.
  • Logistics: The blockchain's ability to store and transfer large amounts of information can have a major consequence in the way supply chains work. This promises significant changes in agriculture, heavy industry and international trade.
  • Stock trading: The stock market expanded significantly in the 1980s. The currency market is on a similar trajectory, with a volume of cryptocurrency trading around tens of millions of daily transactions. This means greater demand for asset managers, crypto brokers, analysts and ICO consultants.

Overall, demand for blockchain professionals increased by 63% between 2015 and 2018.

However, this demand is still not being met with a sufficient supply of specialists. That is, there is still a lot of space in the market and countless opportunities to take advantage of it.

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Fares Alkudmani has a degree in Business Administration from Tishreen University in Syria, with an MBA from Edinburgh Business School, Scotland. Since January 2019, he has worked at the cryptocurrency company Changelly as general manager for Latin America.

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