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Wikipedia breaks daily access record during coronavirus crisis


Free encyclopedia had more than 650 million hits on Sunday (Photo: Shuttestock)

Wikipedia, the world's largest online encyclopedia, broke the record for daily hits on Sunday (29) since its launch in 2001. According to the platform, 650 million views in just one day in the most different languages.

The foundation's partners, from free books to a collection of more than 47 million photographs, videos and audios, also counted.

On Twitter, Wikipedia said that three of the most searched topics were related to a Netflix series called The Mafia of Tigers.

The entry about the protagonist of the documentary ‘Joe Exotic’ was the second most accessed, behind only the one about coronavirus. The list released includes the six topics – three linked to covid-19, three linked to Netflix – all in English:

1) 2019–20 pandemic coronavirus;

2) Joe Exotic (main character of the series);

3) Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness (English name of the series);

4) Joe Diffie, country music singer killed by the coronavirus;

5) 2020 coronavirus pandemic in India;

6) Carole Baskin (character of the series);

There is no information on the volume of access for each entry.

Wikipedia problems

Wikipedia is a non-profit multilingual encyclopedia project. It has more than 51 million articles in almost all the languages ​​of the world. In Portuguese, there are more than one million entries.

It is widely used, although it can have several errors inside, since in most topics anyone can edit them. Commentator Nelson Motta even commented live on television that singer Marina Lima was born in Piauí. He took the information from Wikipedia, although it was false.

The creator of the multilingual encyclopedia, Jimmy Wales, was a critic of the cryptocurrency market, which came to be classified as a bubble in 2018. In the same year, Wikipedia stopped accepting donations in bitcoin as it had been doing since 2014.

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