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Will Gujarat be hit by cyclone ‘Vaayu’?!

The Cyclone ‘Vayu’ is likely to change its path and knock on the Kutch coast of Gujarat. A top official of the Earth Sciences Ministry gave this information on Friday. Secretary M Rajeevan said in the ministry, “There is a possibility of changing the course of air on June 16 and knocking on 17-18 June in Kutch.” Rajeevan said that there is a possibility of cyclone intensity decreasing. It can knock on the coast as a cyclone or a ‘Deep Depression’. He told that the Gujarat government has issued a warning about the possibility of changing the course of cyclone. Significantly, the cyclone wind was to knock on the Gujarat coast on Thursday, but it had changed its route on Wednesday and Thursday midnight.  

Let us know that earlier, the Indian Meteorological Department had said that the cyclone wind would not hit Gujarat. It will pass through Veraval, Porbandar, Dwarka. Indian Meteorological Department Weather Reporter, Manorama Mohanty had said, “The cyclone from Gujarat will not collide. It will pass through Veraval, Porbandar and Dwarka. Its effect can be seen in the coastal areas. There may be strong winds and heavy rains in these areas. At the same time, there will be high alert in Gujarat because the weather can be very bad. The administration has prepared to deal with any kind of situation. Cyclone wind has changed its way overnight. The cyclone, which has hit Gujarat, has changed its path towards the sea.

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