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Will the India Vs Pakistan Match get cancelled?! #CWC2019 #JUNE16

Weather-wise again the news is going to be disappointing for cricket lovers who are waiting to watch India vs Pakistan clash on Sunday 16th June. On Thursday, around the day, it had rained in Manchester. However, the pace was not very fast but the impact was considerable. The BBC has said in its weather report that it may rain during the India-Pakistan match on Sunday. India and New Zealand’s match on Thursday also could not happen due to rain.

The match between India and Pakistan is awaited by crores of cricket fellows. Team India is believed to be a much stronger team than Pakistan but anything is possible when the two countries compete. In the Champions Trophy, Pakistan defeated India. The match is to be played at Old Trafford, Manchester. The BBC has said in weather forecasting that there is a chance of light rain on Sunday. In addition, the sunshine will also continue to emerge. The UK Meteorological Department has also issued a similar forecast. According to another weather website (, there will be light rain in the morning. It can continue until the afternoon and the night thereafter.

On Thursday, the 18th match of the World Cup was to be played between India-New Zealand at Nottingham. The match was cancelled due to rain. For the first time in World Cup history, a team India contest was declared cancelled without throwing a single ball. Earlier, the India-Sri Lanka match was cancelled in 1992 World Cups. Only two balls were bowled in that match.

The cancellation of the match got the two teams one each. India now has five points in three matches. The Indian team is at the third spot. At the second position is Australia and the fourth-ranked the England team.

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