World Blood Donation Day!!! Things to keep in mind before donating blood!

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on 14th June every year to promote blood donation.World Health Organization had started celebrating World Blood Donation Day since 2004. World Blood Donor Day is celebrated to fulfill the lack of blood globally in the world. Along with that, on June 14, the Birth Anniversary of Nobel Price Winner Carl Landsteiner is celebrated. Karl Landsteiner is credited with finding the ABO Blood Group System. Here are some things related to blood donation …

Benefits of donating blood:
Blood donation is less likely to lead to heart attacks. Because blood clots do not accumulate with blood, blood gets diluted in some quantities and the risk of heart attack is over. 
2. Blood donation helps in losing weight. That is why every year blood donation should be done at least twice. 
3. Blood donation comes from energy in the body. Because after donation, new blood cells are formed, which brings health in the body. 
4. Doing blood donation provides relief in liver related problems. The amount of Iron on the body puts pressure on the liver and the amount of iron balance is made from blood donation. 
5. Balancing the iron content makes the liver healthy and reduces the risk of cancer. 

Consider these things before donating blood:
1. Blood donation can only be done by people who are 18 and above years of age. 
2. The blood donor should not be less than 45 to 50 kg. 
3. Do not consume alcohol, or smoke tobacco just 24 hours before giving blood. 
4. Make blood donation only after medical examination and make sure the donor does not have any disease. 
5. Take good sleep before donating blood. 
6. Keep the amount of iron in the body a lot. For this, eat food which are rich in iron, such as fish, beans, spinach, raisins etc., before donating blood. 

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