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World Blood Donor Day 2019: The need of donation in today’s society

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on 14th June every year to promote blood donation. This has been happening since the year 2004. The Birth Anniversary of Nobel Prize Winner Karl Landsteiner is today too. He was the one who invented the classification of blood groups that exists today.

Donation of blood has many benefits:

  • The reduced risk of cholesterol and heart diseases is a major plus point. Blood donors are 33% less likely to be affected by cardiovascular disease and 88% less likely to have heart attacks.
  • The altruistic pleasure you get when you save a human life. This will help you live healthier and make you feel satisfied.
  • 225 to 250mg of iron from your body during the whole process, which is essentially similar to rebooting. Hence it lowers the risk of complications related to health.
  • Every 56 days, a donor can participate in camps, or hospitals, etc. This helps in burning some amount of calories as well, which leads to a fit lifestyle


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