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World’s Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire!

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Although Bitcoin (BTC) is known to be a very risky and dangerous investment, the right amount of time and the right amount can sometimes produce incredible results. The most obvious example can be seen by examining the world’s youngest Bitcoin millionaire Erik Finman. Although he was a child, Finman was one of those who discovered Bitcoin early and set when and how much to invest, making it the world’s youngest Bitcoin millionaire.

From $ 1,000 BTC to Millions of BTC!

When Finman was 12, he received a $ 1,000 check gift from his grandmother. Finman, who didn’t know what to do with it at first, made a deal with his parents and promised that he wouldn’t have to attend college if he made $ 1 million in this money before he became an adult. During a major crisis in 2008, Finman participated in a protest with his older brother.

He said he had met a man with a Bitcoin logo and the ”hippie” looking man had given him information about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, who attracted Finman’s attention, pushed him to investigate, and the young name bought as many BTC as he could at a unit price of $ 10. Over time, as BTC’s value increased, Finman’s wealth increased, and by the age of 15, he began to trade more than $ 100,000 in daily trading.

When Bitcoin went up in 2017 at a unit price of $ 2,700, Finman qualified to become the youngest Bitcoin millionaire in the world. He didn’t go to college as promised by his family and is now managing the Bitcoin trading tool Coin Bits in Silicon Valley.

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