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XP Investimentos starts selling Hashdex fund with exposure to cryptocurrencies


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A partnership between the brokerage XP Investimentos and the crypto asset manager Hashdex aims to allow investors easier access to funds that have crypto assets like bitcoin in their composition.

This investment possibility has been available on the XP menu since last Friday (26). The investment starts at R $ 500 and comes from Discovery, Hashdex's most conservative fund.

According to the manager, the product has an administration fee of 1% per year. In the year, the fund's return is 14.42%.

Discovery has 20% exposure to the assets of the Hashdex Digital Assets Index (HDAI). The remaining 80% of the Discovery fund is invested in fixed income, in the form of government bonds linked to the CDI. In this way, the investor is guaranteed both the protection of most of the capital and allows him to benefit – even if minimally – from the valuation of crypto assets.

“We believe that every investor should have a percentage, albeit a small one, of digital assets in the portfolio. Discovery is a great option for those who want to start investing in this segment and can be considered as a gateway to this market. With the partnership signed with XP, more than ever, the investor can finally have access to digital assets in a simple and inclusive way ”, comments Marcelo Sampaio, CEO of Hashdex, in a press release.

Until then, XP customers' access to cryptocurrency investments was provided by Hashdex's most aggressive funds. In this case, access is restricted to those with greater capital and investment power.

What is HDAI

HDAI is an index created by the manager itself as a reference to the crypto market. It is distributed by the American Nasdaq technology exchange.

The index is composed of the most representative digital currencies in the market, whose configuration is updated every three months. In the current composition bitcoin represents three quarters of the index – see the full list below:

  • Bitcoin: 75.24%;

  • Ethereum: 11.17%;

  • Ripple: 3.44%;

  • Bitcoin Cash: 1.83%;

  • Bitcoin SV: 1.31%
  • Litecoin: 1.21%;

  • Binance Coin: 1.08%;
  • EOS: 0.99%;
  • Complexions: 0.76%;
  • Chainlink: 0.71%;
  • Stellar: 0.58%;
  • TRON: 0.48%;
  • NEO: 0.32%;
  • Ethereum Classic: 0.30%
  • Cosmos: 0.29%
  • Dash: 0.29%

Cryptocurrencies, chosen by a team of specialists, are allocated or excluded from this portfolio by technical eligibility criteria:

  • It is traded on a stock exchange that has credibility;
  • It has institutional standard custody;
  • It is above the minimum floor of daily traded volume; and
  • It has a floating price (i.e., its price is not linked to the value of any other asset).

Positive performance

Data released by the IRS indicate that, even though it is a volatile market, investment in cryptography can be a good way to diversify applications.

This is because the majority of investment funds linked to cryptocurrencies that are regulated by the CVM (Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission) had a positive performance in May and improved the accumulated value this year. These include funds managed by Hashdex.

In several cases, the profitability presented was higher than that obtained by the dollar and Ibovespa in 2020 – there are funds with an income above 80%, while the stock exchange accumulated a drop of 19.58% and the dollar appreciated 28.57%.

In addition to Hashdex, there are three more managers in Brazil with funds composed to some extent by digital currencies such as Bitcoin, all with CVM authorization: BLP, Vitreo and QR Capital.

In all, the eleven funds held by these managers managed in May an amount of R $ 201.6 million, according to the Mais Retorno platform.

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